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About CNG

Clean Burning. Cheaper than oil.

CNG is the most economical and environmentally friendly "bridge fuel" to use until other clean energy sources come on line.
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The average cost in the US for a "gallon" of CNG yesterday was $2.26. Some places had it as cheap as $0.25 per gallon!

Abundant and domestic

For those living in the US, we have vast CNG resources - the US is actually a net exporter of natural gas.
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Available now

Unlike extensive wind, solar or other green sources of energy, CNG is cheap and is available now. You can even go out and buy a new car today that runs on CNG.
Read our FAQ on out how you can switch to CNG.
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The CNGPrices Map

Up to date pricing has the most frequently updated pricing information on the web. So you always know how much you're going to save.
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Station status

Since they are sometimes few and far between, it's good to know when your local station is down. See at a glance on the map when a station is not working.
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Trip planner

If you are planning a road trip using CNG, you will want to use our trip planner. Get only those stations that are on your route, and find out how far it is between one station and the next to make sure you won't run out of fuel!
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User comments

Having a station on your way is no good if the station is down more than it is up. Most stations on our map have user comments which can tell you how reliable it is, what types of payment are accepted, station hours and more.
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CNG Gear

Wear your CNG pride!

Coming soon! We'll soon have CNG shirts, hats and license plate holders available for sale. Show the world that you support CNG (and that CNG supports your wallet!)

Chat about it!

Join the Chat! is an independent chat site for users of CNG. It is a great place to get your questions answered or find out if anyone near you drives CNG.