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Station details for the Titan NGV Fueling (AQMD) Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) station in Diamond Bar, California

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$2.39 per ggeupdated 41 months ago by anonymous

Titan NGV Fueling (AQMD)

21865 E Copley Drive Diamond Bar, CA 91765


  • 3600
  • 3000
  • Box
  • Semi
  •   24  
  •  CC 
  • Reliable:

This station was marked non-operational by anonymous on 2020-01-21. (Called AQMD and they confirmed the station would not be working for months )
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Prices for this station have historically varied from $1.68 to $3.25 per gge. We have data extending back to October 2007 for this station. Historical data can be obtained by contacting us.

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20 Nov 2007anonymousPayment: MasterCard VISA
20 Nov 2007anonymousPSI fills: 3000 3600
20 Nov 2007anonymousHours: 8am-5pm T-F, contact station to obtain card key
25 Jul 2019anonymousStation Is up all the time. Definite improvement from previous owners.
7 Sep 2018anonymousAll pumps up. PSI at 3900 psi nice!!!!!!!
5 Jul 2017anonymousALL 3 PUMPS DOWN - AGAIN!
18 Jul 2016nappyzeinballPumps have not been giving a full fill. Often just 2 or 3 gallons period. Place has gone down hill since Titan took over operations. Have stopped going to this station. CAN NOT TRUST that I will get any fuel.
3 May 2016anonymousHave recently had problems with 3600 psi pumps only putting out about 3000 psi. Not getting a full fill.
7 Apr 2016anonymousIt was closed yesterday (04-06-16) when I was there at around 4 PM.
24 Mar 2016anonymous03-23-2016 - At least one of the 3600psi station is not working.
28 Sep 2015mikekobelI used this station today for the first time. It took me a while to find the entrance. There are no "CNG for vehicles" signs except right at the gate. The big yellow gates are on Copley Dr. on the west side of the street. As the previous post says, if the gates are closed pull up on the left and push the intercom button. Tell them you want to fuel your CNG vehicle. They'll ask for your name and open the gates remotely.
2 Jul 2015anonymousGood Station, if you arrive and the gate is closed, go to the intercom on the left side of the entrance and push the button. They ask your name and open the gate for you. Safe area to fill up at night
8 Nov 2014anonymous2014-11-7 pumps working fine
20 May 2014nappyzeinballConstruction on-going at this site. Was closed this morning due to construction. As others have posted, the prices have gone up at this station by 30 cents since the beginning of this year. Plus it is always a chore to get your debit or credit card to read on the card reader of any of the three pumps. I emailed Trillion and here is what they said.... " I am sorry that you’ve been having problems with the card readers lately and can assure you that we are currently in discussions with AQMD (who owns the station) to have the card readers replaced later this year. We recognize that there have been issues and would like to get this addressed right away."
3 Apr 2014anonymousThis used to be one of the best stations in So Cal. Since January, it's been one of the worst. The price has gone up, but more importantly, the card readers rarely work. I just spent 50 minutes trying to fuel there. I and other customers called them three times and had them reset their systems three times before the pumps finally worked. Avoid this station.
13 Mar 2014anonymousPumps have been having problems for the past few weeks reading debit and credit cards. Have had to on several occasions use the help phone and have Trillium CNG reset the pumps remotely. Then they would work fine. Also the prices here have been going up. Have gone up nearly 30 cents in the past six months. WHY? Prices for CNG fuel should be stable or falling with the over abundance of natural gas in the USA right now.
20 Oct 2013anonymousdecent fill here, the nozzle isn't as straightforward as most stations, there is no knob to turn..
14 Oct 2012anonymousGreat station
2 Oct 2012anonymousI fueled here last night 10/1/12, security will ask your name to gain access. Safe area, good full fill, unique systems, but worked well. There are no signs, so a little difficult to find.
18 Jul 2012mvargasFor customers unfamiliar with the site, we are open 24/7. Entrance into the station after hours is gained by using the intercom at the gate. Speak to Security and you will be allowed into the compound for fuel only. Upon departure the gates will open automatically.
27 Jun 2012mvargasStation is now open and runnig
26 Jun 2012mvargasStation is down for repairs. Should be back up and running late tonight, but no definite time. MVargas
30 Apr 2012anonymousClean and secured area. Equipment is very nicely maintained. Never had an issue getting in after hours, security guard on speaker is always straight to the point.
29 Mar 2012anonymousUsually reliable and a great fill. It was in maintenance yesterday, but only problem was no receipt.
16 Dec 2011anonymousFilled up 12-15-2011 and all pumps appeared working perfectly.
13 Nov 2011anonymous2011-11-07 Filled up. There is no signage. Pumps located behind closed gate with fleet vehicles. Seems private on arrival. Press a buzzer and tell them you need to use CNG and they open the gate for you. Pump is industrial type with no instructions.
10 Aug 2011anonymous2011-8-9, filled up at 5:30pm. No problems.
8 Aug 2011anonymousI fueled at 120pm today and all was well. The guard was just unlocking the gate.
25 Jul 2011anonymousWent this morning. Open for business.
17 Jul 2011anonymousWent today and the gate was locked with a sing saying CNG pumps are shut down. Not sure for how long.
24 May 2011anonymousAll pumps working! $2.33/gge
19 May 2011anonymousTwo 3600 PSI pumps disabled. Third working.
10 May 2011anonymousPumps repaired this morning - 2.38/gal
8 May 2011anonymous5-8-11 All pumps broken! Informed will not be fixed until afternoon 5-9-11 at earliest.
13 Mar 2011anonymousStation works great. Unfortunately the complaining about high pressures has caused lower net fills. The 3600 used to fill to ~4100, but after cooling it really was only 35-3600. This is normal. Now it limits to 36-3700 which is 3200 after cooling.
9 Oct 2010anonymousSaturday access via intercom. Give the guard your first & last name.
28 Apr 2010anonymousNew access granted before/after hours. Left side of driveway has intercom. They ask for name, tell them you need to fill CNG.3500 on 3000 nozzle. Contacted AQMD Supervisor, he said he would get Pinnacle on it right away.
6 Mar 2010anonymousClosed on weenkens, the gate is locked. Darn it, wasted my precious gas driving around.
30 Nov 2009anonymousWent there today. CLOSED. Was told by AQMD employee that it's closed on Mondays. Nice...
20 Nov 2009anonymous4000psi fill today
26 Feb 2009anonymousThis is an old system. When turning the knob from vent to fill, the screw must be right above the sensor (in the middle of the yellow plastic). Otherwise, the pump will not operate. The fill pressure varies (it was 3000 on the 3600 line last week).
25 Sep 2008anonymousGives a 4300 PSI fill on the 3600 PSI lines. 3 separate pumps
15 May 2008anonymousnow open 6am to 6pm
17 Dec 2007anonymous3 Pumps (X2)
1 Dec 2007anonymous3600 pump fills at 4000 psi! great fill
21 Nov 2007anonymousGives a 4300 PSI fill on the 3600 PSI lines

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