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Station details for the Valley Vista Services Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) station in City of Industry, California

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$2.49 per ggeupdated 47 months ago by anonymous

Valley Vista Services

1037 Hatcher St City of Industry, CA 91748


  • 3600
  • 3000
  • Box
  • Semi
  •   24  
  •  CC 
  • Reliable:

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Prices for this station have historically varied from $1.75 to $2.89 per gge. We have data extending back to December 2007 for this station. Historical data can be obtained by contacting us.

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20 Nov 2007anonymousPayment: American Express VISA MasterCard Voyager WE
20 Nov 2007anonymousHours: 24 hours
9 Nov 2016rkentishThree of the four pumps are down, bad nozzles; pump # 9 is the only one operational.
4 Oct 2016rkentish50% fill at 11:30 AM
6 Jan 2016anonymousrecently updated with new conpressor and dispensers
14 May 2015rkentish30% fill on #8 this AM
5 May 2015rkentishOnly 21% fill this AM
21 Apr 2015rkentish24% fill @7:00, compressors were not running
17 Dec 2014rkentish76% fill on 12/17/14 @ 6:45 AM
15 May 2014anonymousYellow caution tape around both pumps. I almost left, but a guy told me #9 was still working. I did get #9 to work, but only 75% fill. This station has old nozzles & it took a while for me to get the card reader to work. Upgrade needed here for sure.
11 Mar 2014rkentish38% fill today at 9:10 AM Avoid this station on school days in the AM as many school buses are fillint
7 Mar 2014rkentish67% fill @ 8;45 AM
5 Feb 2014rkentish43% fill today @ 2:30 PM
5 Feb 2014anonymous43% fill today at 2:30 PM
9 Jul 2013rkentishSecond CNG pump (3600) now in service on East island.
14 May 2013rkentishThis station is installing an additional CNG pump that will be operational by the end of the month per the technician on site. Both hoses will be 3600. Old card readers are not going to be replaced at this time.
1 Feb 2013anonymousPumps are working fine, close to 100% fill. Card reader and processing is a bit off but little bit of patience would make it work. Fill up twice weekly there.
8 Dec 2012JadebatSpoke with station engineer who told me that they are adding more pumps due to high demand. They are also replacing the old card readers. Supplies have been hard to get so it's taking longer than usual.
5 Dec 2012ronkentish13% fill @ 6:45 AM today
15 Aug 2012anonymousCard Reader Broken Again. The good news is they are adding 2 more pumps and upgrading the card readers in the near future. no know ETA for them though. :(
14 May 2012anonymousPressure on Pump 9 really bad. Charged me the normal price for 3600 Pressure but gave me only 50% of usual mileage. I'm a regular at this station, so this was a ripoff. Fueled on 5/12/12.
10 May 2012anonymouscredit card machine down for hours. Unable to fuel. Might need a town service. Continues problem at this station
1 May 2012anonymousCredit card machine often have problems processing and lots of big trucks waiting to refuel.
30 Apr 2012elizabethdAll 3 card readers down.
16 Apr 2012anonymousPumps working, CC Readers not working due to rain.
20 Mar 2012anonymousThe two CNG pumps were out of service on the 3-19-2012
6 Jan 2012anonymousBe careful. There is no 3000PSI pump. Only 3600PSI.
26 Oct 2011anonymousYou used to only get a good fill on Pump #8, but recently Pump #9 is now filling with good pressure. Although people complain that the fill is less than 100%, I'm theorizing that the fill % is the amt of CNG pumped, not the state of your tank.
5 Sep 2011anonymousOnly 75% fill.
12 Jun 2011anonymouscredit card fail on all 3 readers.
6 Jun 2011anonymousPump #8 filled 42%, about half tank for me. I only drove 36 miles on the freeway and the tank went down to 50%. What happened to the pressure? Does the pump need maintenance?
4 May 2011anonymousPumps are working reader was not. there are two other readers that do.
1 May 2011anonymousPumps are out of service. Display says "Printer not working" and would not accept credit card.
12 Mar 2011anonymousAlso pump regular gas/diesel for 40 cents cheaper.
1 Mar 2011anonymous50% fill on Feb 17 2011. Just received credit card bill, got charged for $124?
24 Jan 2011anonymousPressure's not as great as before. Wonder what happened?
19 Jan 2011anonymousPump #8 was disabled. Pump #9 is still working.
17 Jan 2011anonymous#8 3600lb goes only up to 80% on my Honda Civic GX
12 Aug 2010anonymousOnly 3600 psi pumps now
4 Jul 2010anonymousFilled on 3600 psi pump. Pump is up and running.
6 Jun 2010anonymousentire filling station shut down, no indication when it will reopen
21 May 2010anonymousWas there on 05/19/10, both pumps are not operational. System error when selecting 3000/3600 psi pumps. Physical condition of pumps/hose was OK.
12 Feb 2010anonymousPump #8 (3600psi) working fine. % gauge is way off (60% readout when my tank is nearly full). Does not seem to impact actual filled amount, however.
6 Jan 2010anonymous2010-1-9 3600 PSI (Pump #8) filler recepticle is broken. 3000 PSI upper host assembly was disconnected from the the breakaway point.
18 Dec 2009anonymous12-16-09 Pump #8 (3600psi) filled my 2009 Civic 100% with no trouble. Great station at a great price, and no waiting!
12 Nov 2009anonymous3600 PSI (pump #8) fills below 100% (typically hits 75-80%). 3000 PSI works fine. Price is great.
17 Aug 2009anonymousHave not been able to get a 100% fill in about 3 weeks on 3,600 PSI. Average fill about 75%
5 Jul 2009anonymousCard reader closest to compressors is a bit unreliable, the south facing reader is less of a problem. I suggest having 2or3 newer cards as a back up.The large canopy is a plus in bad weather and currently 50cents a gge less than CE.
24 Jun 2009anonymousBeen getting 74% fill rate on the 3600 PSI. Price is still cheap though.
2 Apr 2009anonymousWorks well here. Tested VISA/Mastercard, both OK. 3600 psi Pump on one side, other side is 3000 psi.
10 Nov 2008anonymoushow do i pay for this? does not take my discover or visa..
10 Mar 2008anonymoustwo pumps, 3,000 psi & 3,6000 psi

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