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Station details for the First Capitol Chevron Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) station in Fillmore, Utah

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$1.71 per ggeupdated 17 months ago by anonymous

First Capitol Chevron

1060 S Highway 99 Fillmore, UT 84631


  • 3600
  • 3000
  • Box
  • Semi
  •   24  
  •  CC 
  • Reliable:

This station was marked non-operational by anonymous on 2017-02-23. (Mobile version)
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Price history

Prices for this station have historically varied from $0.64 to $1.77 per gge. We have data extending back to December 2007 for this station. Historical data can be obtained by contacting us.

User comments

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20 Nov 2007anonymousHours: 6am-12am daily (summer), 6am-10pm daily (winter)
20 Nov 2007anonymousPayment: Cash Checks AmericanExpress Discover MasterCard VISA
16 Sep 2017anonymousWhy did you close this and remove the equipment. i am insulted at your neglect of the local (and traveling) public!
16 Jun 2017SingerGuy6/13 @QuestarGasCNG: The Fillmore CNG station will close June 30. Please fill up with CNG in Scipio and Cedar City when traveling along this stretch of I-15.
9 Nov 2015anonymousTwo pumps working fine but only 3000 PSI. My fill volume here and at nearby Scipio 25 miles away were both suspiciously high. I rolled up on empty in my Bi-fuel vehicle and the fill volume was 25% higher than i usually get anywhere else. Same thing happened at Scipio on my way back.
19 Dec 2013anonymousStill only one pump, rated for 3000 psi. Fill quality is spotty. Sometimes we'll only get 1000 or 1500 psi, but when it's working well, we'll get 3300 or so (as determined by the analog pressure gauge on the dispenser).
23 Feb 2013anonymous3000 Pump only. Visited on Feb 17th and only received 2000 psi pressure.
18 May 2012anonymous3000 pump only here
22 Jun 2011anonymousConvenience store has reopened. I think it's open 6am-midnight in the summer. I was there at 11:30pm and it was open. Credit card validator at the CNG pump is available 24/7
9 May 2011anonymousThe gas station has reopened and as far as I know the CNG pumps are operational.
2 Mar 2011anonymousThis station only has 3000 psi pumps. The gasoline portion of the station and convenience store are closed so the station is dark. However, the CNG pumps are open 24 hours with credit card. This station is across from the Maverick's.
21 Feb 2011anonymousGot a fill 2/20/11 in the dark. Bring flashlight as stations bldg. is dark, closed for regular gasoline.
7 Dec 2010anonymousThe gas station is closed but the pumps are open.
7 Dec 2010anonymousThe map is wrong, the map has this station at the north exit and the actual station is at the south exit accross the street from the Maverik Station.
5 Dec 2010anonymousffffing machine is out of service today....'can't get a technician' out there today..... way to fffffff up cng proliferation
15 Nov 2010anonymousNow it has pay at the pump.
16 Sep 2010anonymousBe sure to try the new Scipio station at exit 188 (Chevron) as filling there will keep you safe if Fillmore has interruptions during the bankruptcy proceedings.
14 Sep 2010anonymousThe Fillmore Chevron closes its doors as it goes up for sale Sept 17. But don't worry, you'll still be able to pull in and fill up with CNG. Richfield is always a reliable alternative route
28 Jun 2010anonymous6/24/10 pump not working, really scared but made it to springville from Cedar city in my civic GX
24 Apr 2010anonymousI actually got a great fill here today, 3200 psi
22 Apr 2010anonymous24/7 card reader working OK. Only pumped @ 2600 psi.
2 Apr 2010anonymousNorthbound on 3-28-10 pump was down, only had 1700 psi. I have an auxillary tank so I was able to make it to Springville. One other stock Civic was waiting for Questar but ended up going back to Beaver to use the emergency private station there.
17 Mar 2010anonymousFilled up on 3-15-10. Called ahead to see if pump was operational. I was told that if I had come on the 14th it would not have been because they were replacing the compressor. When I arrived I found a working card reader, new hoses, and 3,250 psi. :)
22 Feb 2010anonymousStopped on 02/21/10 and gas pump didn't work. No working number to report
22 Feb 2010anonymous2/21/10- great fill, but paid inside. I didn't see a car reader anywhere.
5 Oct 2009anonymousNow has a 24/7 credit card reader.
3 Aug 2009anonymousDidn't get a very good fill here on 8/2/09.
25 Apr 2009anonymous2009-04-25 - no prepay needed, 3200 psi
11 Mar 2009anonymousYou now have to pre-pay.
5 Nov 2008anonymous3200 psi.
3 Nov 2008anonymous11-2-08 pay inside cash or credit, add $.05 for credit, hours 6am to 10pm, Friday 6am to 11pm
29 Sep 2008anonymousI was there this afternoon, had 2200 psi. They have two pumps, both were working.
23 Sep 2008anonymousAnyone stopped here lately? What did you find? Please post!
28 Aug 2008anonymousConsider going via reliable Richfield instead of overburdened Fillmore! It only adds 30 scenic minutes to your drive. Use Highways 28/89 connecting to I-70 at mostly 65 mph all the way. Review Richfield discussion thread at for details.
22 Aug 2008anonymousVery low pressure always.1500-1800 psi
1 Jun 2008anonymousThey are adding 5 cents per gallon for using credit, bring cash to avoid an unnecessary surcharge.
28 Dec 2007anonymousOften closes early, call ahead!

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