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Station details for the City of Union City Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) station in Union City, California

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Station details:

$2.27 per ggeupdated 124 months ago by anonymous

City of Union City

34650 Seventh Street Union City, CA 94587


  • 3600
  • 3000
  • Box
  • Semi
  •   24  
  •  CC 
  • Reliable:

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Price history

Prices for this station have historically varied from $1.49 to $3.90 per gge. We have data extending back to December 2007 for this station. Historical data can be obtained by contacting us.

User comments

CNG has collected 39 user comments about this station. They often have useful information about how to find a station or how reliabile it is, or whether it is well lit at night. Peruse the comments here, or add your own comment.

20 Nov 2007anonymousPayment: VISA MasterCard
20 Nov 2007anonymousHours: 24 hours
25 May 2019airpointsPump behind locked gate not accessible to public
28 Mar 2013anonymousOfficially Closed.
25 Apr 2012anonymousDear Union City Public CNG Users, Recently, the City made a repair to fix the 3600psi dispenser. The 3000psi dispenser was still functional during the period when the 3600psi was not. Right now, both public CNG dispensers have stopped working without explanation. Until further notice, the Union City Public Pump is CLOSED with no timeline for replacement or repair. Please make alternate arrangements to fuel your CNG vehicles while the City implements a solution. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
9 Apr 2012anonymousTo All Users, please continue to report problems with the 3600psi nozzle to 510.675.5446 or and continue to use the 3000psi nozzle. The City is working on trying to figure out why this problem is occurring.
5 Apr 2012anonymous3600 psi hose still not working, 3000 psi hose works
24 Mar 2012anonymousi washere on 3/23/12 and the 3600 psi pump was not working, someone us come here because we run out. if you guys are down again i will never come here again, is not like we can pump around the corner, we count on you being up all the time, at least have more than 1 pump around. incompetents
17 Mar 2012anonymousStation non-operational 3-17. Got stranded there. Very inconvenient.
8 Mar 2012anonymousThe Union City CNG station control mechanism improvements have been completed ahead of schedule. The pumps are now open. Thank you for your patience.
27 Feb 2012anonymousThe Union City CNG station will be closed from Monday March 5th through Friday March 9th to make improvements to the control mechanisms.
19 Jan 2012anonymousTHis station is down again, poorly managed, they don't know how to maintain an CNG station. Customers will eventually go to and stick to PG And E stations. They are very reliable.
29 Nov 2011anonymousWhy is this station always going down. I like using this one because its open 24/7 and I get good pressure, it's disappointing that its always down!!! :(
5 Oct 2011anonymousThe 3600PSI is up. Looks like a real fix as there is a new brass coupling connecting the discharge hose now.
30 Sep 2011anonymousWhy is this station so unreliable? When its working its great, I great 3600 PSI
26 Sep 2011anonymousThe 3000 PSI still works
19 Sep 2011anonymousHose #1 has a problem. A cable is disconnected, and the turning valve is tight which can pose a problem.
17 Aug 2011anonymousStation is up and running
3 Aug 2011anonymousOn Sunday , this station was DOWN, is it back up and running yet ?
18 Jul 2011anonymousI used this station today (July 18th, 2011). It is very well maintained, open 24x7 for public. Good access. Accepts Credit Cards.
4 Jul 2011anonymousAnyone filled at this station lately, does it take credit card? Is it open 24x7?
20 Mar 2011anonymousIgnore my last comment, my Contour needed a new set of plug wires and it's fine now running on CNG.
10 Mar 2011anonymous300PSI works, 3600PSI still down
10 Mar 2011anonymousI got 3.7 gge yesterday and now my ford contour is sputtering/backfiring and lost it's pickup. I managed to burn off 1/4 of it today and I'll try mixing in some from SJ Unified to see if it helps. Runs on gas fine.
3 Mar 2011anonymousI emailed the mayor of Union City, the public works director and the ACCMA (who gave union city the $100k grant to install the CNG station). They say they are waiting on a part to come in.
10 Feb 2011anonymousAnyone knows when it will be back online?
5 Feb 2011anonymousthis station has been out of service twice in the past 3 months. what is happening here??
28 Dec 2010anonymous24 hours and accepts VISA/Mastercard, a very convenient CNG station!
17 Nov 2010anonymous3600 psi worked fine and was a complete fill.
16 Oct 2010anonymousRelief hose not connected between pump and nozzle. You can hook it together, but it will break loose when you turn relief valve. Fill doesn't end automatically.
8 Sep 2010anonymousUsed 3600PSI hose, but, fill stopped at ~3100PSI. I waited a few minutes, since the display indicated it was still "filling"... but, nothing more.
6 Jul 2010anonymousEven though I was using the 3600PSI, fill stopped at 2450 PSI.
24 May 2010anonymousFills at this stations are generally poor.
19 Jan 2010anonymousThe station has been repaired after this weekends breakdown.
3 Nov 2009anonymousThe 3600 PSI pump is working again.
30 Jul 2008anonymousFueled here on 7/19 - posted price says 2.27, but my actual visa charge came in at $2.48
12 May 2008anonymous510-675-5444 is the number to leave a voicemail if you have any problems or need some sort of assistance or you can email .
25 Apr 2008anonymousDue to the size of the collar on the fill noozle, I was unable to get it on my Cavalier. No problem with my 2005 GX.
11 Apr 2008anonymous3000 and 3600 PSI

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