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Station details for the Sandy Fuel CNG Station Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) station in Sandy, Utah

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Station details:

$1.73 per ggeupdated 37 days ago by anonymous

Sandy Fuel CNG Station

9242 S 500 W Sandy, UT 84070


  • 3600
  • 3000
  • Box
  • Semi
  •   24  
  •  CC 
  • Reliable:

This station was marked non-operational by anonymous on 2018-11-08. (Permanently closed this month)
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Price history

Prices for this station have historically varied from $0.64 to $1.85 per gge. We have data extending back to November 2007 for this station. Historical data can be obtained by contacting us.

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User comments

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20 Nov 2007anonymousHours: 24 hours daily
20 Nov 2007anonymousPayment: MasterCard VISA GasCard
1 Nov 2018anonymousThis station has been reported as closed
15 Oct 2018anonymousClosed as of 10/10/2018
15 Oct 2018winwhoClosed permanently Oct 2018
22 Aug 2012anonymousThe Questar Gas Twitter feed says that the station has been repaired.
4 Jan 2012anonymousPrice increased from 1.25 to 1.50 beginning of the year 2012.
9 Nov 2011anonymousThis station has worked well every time I use it which is about once or twice a week with always a full 3600psi.
18 Jul 2011anonymousCould only get 2700 psi on my 3600 hookup today. Was during peak hours 4:20, so maybe it was a fluke. This is typically one the best place for a fill that I found in utah, short of the orem station.
11 Jun 2011anonymousGot a great fill on the 3000PSI side. About 3200PSI. Which is within the 25% safety factor for those tanks, so it is ok (just so you know). Clean, easy to see from Sandy Parkway Street. No crowded--nice!!
17 Dec 2010anonymousGreat! I use this often. Convenient; Clean; 24 Hours; MC/VISA/GasCard; Covered; Well Lit; 3000/3600 pumps
7 Dec 2010anonymousLove the new 3000/3600 pumps as well plus it's covered and well lit.
29 Nov 2010anonymousThe remodel is complete and working well - love the new 3000/3600 pumps
8 Oct 2010anonymousNo card key needed for access
4 Oct 2010anonymousClosed for conversion to 3600 psi and 3000psi.
21 Aug 2010anonymousAnyone filled here recently? It was out of service last time I checked.
23 Mar 2010anonymousRefilled last week. Pumps run a little slow, but was able to fill to 3000psi without any issues.
17 Feb 2010anonymousStation is currnetly open. Went for the first time today, but pumps seemed low. Could only get 2500psi. The pumps indicate they only go up to 3000psi, although a man there told me that he usually can get 3600psi out of them. He called in the problem.
13 Feb 2010anonymousQuestar's brochure shows this station as closed. Can anyone confirm or deny?
29 Nov 2009anonymousThis station has been all but worthless since the changes by Questar. I hope that Orem isn't this bad after they finish "upgrading" it.
23 Sep 2009anonymousStopped today and pressure has improved.Got about 3200 PSI
13 Sep 2009anonymousOperational but pressure is very poor.
11 Sep 2009anonymous09-10-09 Station working but barely. Only got 1500 PSI which equalled about 1 gallon in my almost empty Honda Civic. Went somewhere else.
30 Jul 2009anonymousClosed for Repair
6 Jun 2009anonymousThis station is open and has around 3400 PSI for 3 nozzles. I have used it several times over the last week and it seems Questar has it working very well. I suspect storage capacity is high since I have yet to hear the compressor on.
4 May 2009anonymousQuestar has announced that this station will re-open on June 1, 2009.
29 Apr 2009anonymousI drove by at lunchtime today Weds. 4/29/2009 and I could see they had cleaned up debris around the compressor area. There was nobody there and the yellow tape was still around the stations. There was nothing to indicate when it will be open.
26 Apr 2009anonymousThe last entry meant to say this station is still not functional. Perhaps up by the end of April.
24 Apr 2009anonymousLatest word April 24th is they had someone working on it today but by 1 PM Mountain it was functional.
13 Apr 2009anonymousThe word is they are waiting on some part they had to reorder or that is on backorder and no ETA.
13 Apr 2009anonymousNew parts have arrived. Reopen with improved capacity in ~3 weeks.
5 Mar 2009anonymousComment on 3/2/09 is incorrect, Questar says a couple more months yet.
5 Mar 2009anonymousNo sign of activity and no notice given as to when this station might be available.
2 Mar 2009anonymousThis station is scheduled to re-open on 3-1-09
11 Dec 2008anonymousStill closed-But being worked on.
9 Dec 2008anonymous2008-12-09 still closed
8 Nov 2008anonymousstill closed 11/8/08
5 Sep 2008anonymous9-5-08 closed still
5 Aug 2008anonymousDrove by on 8/5/2008. Still closed.
25 Jul 2008anonymousDrove by on 7/23/2008. Is Still Closed.
19 Jun 2008anonymousDrove by on 6/18/2008-still not open
28 May 2008anonymousI heard 6 months until this station reopens, but will have all new pumps.
29 Mar 2008anonymousClosed due to an explosion - reopen may be weeks away.
12 Jan 2008anonymous3400psi fillup today - not bad!!
24 Nov 2007anonymousOnly 2 of the 4 pumps are working

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