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Station details for the Downs Energy Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) station in Temecula, California

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$2.61 per ggeupdated 82 months ago by abcde4

Downs Energy

27985 Diaz Road Temecula, CA 92590


  • 3600
  • 3000
  • Box
  • Semi
  •   24  
  •  CC 
  • Reliable:

This station was marked non-operational by anonymous on 2017-04-17. (CNG/LNG Closed Downs)
Report this station as operational again.


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Prices for this station have historically varied from $1.71 to $2.96 per gge. We have data extending back to June 2009 for this station. Historical data can be obtained by contacting us.

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24 Feb 2020robodudethey are not forwarding tax credit to customers.
20 Jun 2018anonymousCNG/LNG no longer available at this station. CalTran should remove the signs. Update 06/20/18
4 Apr 2017anonymousThis CNG/LNG location is no longer in business. Thank you... Downs Energy, Inc.
8 Dec 2015abcde4Cash discount, currently $2.35 ($0.26 less than credit)
1 Nov 2015anonymousVisited Sept 2015 - Great pump for big rigs.
1 Oct 2015anonymousI love how you people love to complain about the stations and the price. If you don’t like what you’re getting with CNG; then go buy and unleaded vehicle l and stop you’re bellyaching.
6 Jan 2015cbpilotCongratulations! You've found one of the highest priced CNG stations in California.
7 Dec 2014cbpilotPretty sad when you can buy Unleaded gas cheaper in Temecula than you can CNG. There go all the benefits of owning a CNG car.
2 Nov 2014cbpilotThis station needs some competition. Their price is way out of line with other CNG stations because they have a corner on the Temecula market.
1 Jun 2014anonymousIs this the correct address? Or is it 43169 Rancho Way?
19 May 2014anonymousThis site is working, please change. Thank you. Downs Energy CNG
22 Jan 2014anonymousDear Customers, The site will now be available 24/7 again; we apologize for any difficulties this has caused you. Downs Energy / CNG / Temecula
20 Jan 2014anonymousDear Customers: Please be advised of the new CNG dispenser hours of operation until further notice. New hours of operation: Monday – Friday 7:30AM until 4:30PM Closed for service: Saturday and Sunday We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you; we are endeavoring to correct the problem. Should you have any questions, please call Customer Service at (888) 810-3843. Thank you, Downs Energy
18 Jan 2014anonymousNew pump hours until further notice: Mon-Fri 7:30AM-4:30PM and CLOSED Sat/Sun. This is unbelievably inconvenient!
17 Jan 2014anonymous17 Jan 2014. Sign on pump says: Service hrs limited to 7:30am to 4:30pm, Monday thru Friday. Closed Saturday & Sunday for repairs. (Maintenance?)
2 Jan 2014ptynningCNG PUMP IS WORKING
26 Dec 2013ptynningThis Downs Energy CNG Pump has Poor Reliability
22 Dec 2013anonymousNot working on 12/22/2013. Yellow caution tape around pumps
9 Oct 2013anonymousThis station is working... Temecula Office.
23 Aug 2013anonymousworking just expensive.
12 Jul 2013Temecula OfficeThe CNG Pumps 3000/3600 has been repaired and is know working. Thank you: Temecula Office Downs
10 Jul 2013Temecula OfficeThe CNG pumps 3000 and 3600 are down, repairs are trying to be made. No ETA when pumps will be working again. Call office for updates at 888-810-3835.
21 Mar 2013anonymousI filled here on 3-20-13 at 9:00 pm. Both the 3600 and 3000 psi pumps are working again.
18 Feb 2013anonymousFilled up last week.
18 Feb 2013anonymousI filled @ Downs Energy on Feb 11, 2013. Got great pressure. Strange that all non-Clean Energy stations got hit with a12/12/2012 non-operational notice???...
27 Dec 2012anonymousCalled the station and verified that it is operational and has CNG.
24 Dec 2012anonymousJust talked with another GX driver, this station is still operational as of 12/24 at 1500. Jeff
15 Dec 2012h316Topped off using 3600 pump on Fri. 12-14-12.
12 Oct 2012anonymousFull fills 3600psi, great location, huge lot. Expensive compared to other stations. Only place within a 30-40 mile radius. 10/12/12
23 Jul 2012unexpectedlyGreat station & location! With this station here, why does anyone in Temecula commute a gas car?!?!
13 Mar 2012anonymous3/13/2012 0845am spoke with the person at the station and he indicated that the station is up and operational and the price is 2.30/gge.JC
7 Mar 2012anonymousI use this location almost everyday. It does have 24 hour access and takes credit cards no problem. It was non-operational this morning at 0700.
7 Mar 2012anonymousUse this station all the time, this morning was non-operational, taped off with caution tape. Office was closed so not sure how long will be down.
5 Mar 2012anonymoussince there is no recent comments,I called Downs today to confirm the pumps are working and they have 24hr access if you use a visa or mastercard...If anyone is a regular please confirm so people like me who are driving far can know whats going on TY
7 Dec 2011anonymousStill down, whats the deal? Anyone know when another pump we be up in Temecula?
13 Nov 2011anonymousStation is down for maintenance -- sign says it will be back up on MOnday 11/14
24 Sep 2011anonymousFueled @ 10:00pm 09/23. Got a 90% fill on the 3600 side. The 3000 Hose is NOT working.
11 Sep 2011anonymousBoth 3600 & 3000 @ 10:00am. Got a 90% fill on the 3600 hose. Prices still way to high...
29 Aug 2011anonymousDo not forget, that price per gallon plus Downs fee give you about $3.50
22 Aug 2011anonymousJust spoke to station: 3000 is functional; 3600 is down (someone drove away w/pump still connected) could be fixed 8/23/11 @ earliest, but not guaranteed. By end of this week is likely.
16 Jul 2011anonymousgreat fill 07/14. prices still too high...
8 Jul 2011anonymousDear Customers,Repairs to the CNG Temecula pumps have been delayed until 7-12-11. Downs Energy
8 Jul 2011anonymousUpdate: the catastrophic failures of the dispenser on 7-1-11 are the pulser interface board (meters CNG dispensed) as well as loss of programming in both eCRINDs (LCD and keypad). Greenfield's technician is flying out next week to fix both sides.
6 Jul 2011anonymousDear Customers, Temecula CNG will be down until repairs can be made to the pump. We hope to have someone out by this Friday, but are unclear if the station will be up at that time. Will keep you posted. Downs Energy Temecula 1-888-810-3835
2 Jul 2011anonymousTried to fill up this morning and pumps are down for repair. Called the number on the notice to check on status of repair,left message but no answer yet. Hemet RTA yard was my back up and it works fine.
24 May 2011anonymousTakes VISA and Mastercard at the CNG Pump ONLY. I tried to use the normal card readers, which don't work, use the reader AT THE CNG PUMP.
18 Apr 2011anonymousBoth pumps are working fine now.
17 Apr 2011anonymousI tried to fill up here today at 5:23 pm and neither pump 3600 nor 3000 were working. The pump gave a E111 code or something. tried the 3600 psi twice and the 3000 psi once.
15 Mar 2011anonymousused station at 3:45p and station is FINALLY accepting mc/visa using the card readers on the pumps. quick fill up on the 3600(pump 1). receipts are not printing
13 Mar 2011anonymousStation is not now accepting ordinary cc, must have a dedicated Downs card. It would be good (if you would like to use this station) to call during business hours and ask that they install readers for commonly used CC. See tab for their numbers
1 Mar 2011anonymousI actually used a Visa in mid-February and it worked fine. Used it a couple of times. Now they shut it off again, saying that they want printer paper and the cc logos up before they turn it back on. Should be within the next week or so.
2 Jan 2011anonymousVisa/MC should be working in about 2 weeks (middle of Jan 2011). They do take cash, but check ahead on office hours (they closed at 4:30 pm on Thur (12/30).
4 Oct 2010anonymousWorks fine 3000&3600 psi but you do need a dedicated Downs energy card. Does not accept Visa/MC yet but they are still working onit.
2 Jun 2010anonymousDowns is working on system to be able to recieve Visa/MC, no date as to when this will be ready. Will keep you posted.
10 May 2010anonymousunited taxi cabs driver: only Downs Energy Card No Visa/MC should, Station is operational, psi 3000 and 3600
6 May 2010anonymousPump #27 for CNG is now open and working.
6 May 2010anonymousDefinition:Regulatory Compliance Fee: Pass through costs associated with State of California and Federal environmental and regulatory compliance mandates on the fuel and oil industry. Due to this we are forced to pass this cost to our customers.
6 May 2010anonymousWith regards to extra fees and the post on 04-08-10, I just recieved my first bill and there is a $4.30 Regulatory Fee that will be charged each month you use it!
8 Apr 2010anonymousThere is no fee for opening a CNG card with Downs, you only pay for the fuel you use! Call 1-888-810-3835 ask for Temecula office to confirm.
8 Apr 2010anonymousThe CNG site is open! One pump is down, but the other is working.
8 Mar 2010anonymousWas at the station yesterday and they had yellow caution tape wrapped around it. Out of order.
16 Jan 2010anonymousYou do have to be pre-approved & use their card outside of operatiing hours. There is also a $4.50 fee each month to use it.
20 Nov 2009anonymousCalling ahead I was informed that the pump only takes their credit card. However, between 10am-3pm M-F one can borrow a card from the office & pay with cash or Visa, etc.
19 Oct 2009anonymousThe pumps are messed up most the time and the area local pumps are 14 cents per gallon less. Half the time the pumps are down, or give 1/2 fills.
16 Oct 2009anonymousFueled here today. I got a card across the street and paid cash.
21 Aug 2009anonymousonly cards that currently work are Downs Energy cards and CFN CNG cards. MC/VISA/etc are still in the works as of today
6 Aug 2009anonymousTried my Fuelman card and it also does not work here. Thought Fuelman was part of the CFN card network?
1 Aug 2009anonymousInserted both VISA credit & ATM cards; came back "Do not honor."
29 Jul 2009anonymousAs of this date, still NOT accepting Visa & MC
20 Jun 2009anonymous3600 psi is not working you seem to get only a 3000 pound fill
28 Apr 2009anonymousPayment currently only Downs Energy Card or CFN Cards. Visa/MC should be ready by late June. Customer service (951) 737-9866 or (951) 256-8285 Details here:

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