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Station details for the R&Bs 66 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) station in Bountiful, Utah

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Station details:

$1.72 per ggeupdated 41 days ago by anonymous

R&Bs 66

527 S 700 W Bountiful, UT 84087


  • 3600
  • 3000
  • Box
  • Semi
  •   24  
  •  CC 
  • Reliable:

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Price history

Prices for this station have historically varied from $0.64 to $1.82 per gge. We have data extending back to April 2008 for this station. Historical data can be obtained by contacting us.

This chart shows up to the 6 months of price data for the station.

User comments

CNG has collected 38 user comments about this station. They often have useful information about how to find a station or how reliabile it is, or whether it is well lit at night. Peruse the comments here, or add your own comment.

13 Jun 2018anonymousThe price here & all other Questar (now Dominion) stations in the area dropped to $1.69 a few weeks ago. However none of my CNG neighbors and I have been able to get a fill much over 3100 psi for many months. Have alerted Dominion to this issue multiple times.
3 Sep 2015anonymousPumps are installed again and are up and running. More room between pumps now.
1 Sep 2015anonymousPumps have been replaced and are now operational. Thank goodness.
1 Sep 2015anonymouspumps are up and running as of 1 sep
1 Sep 2015anonymouspumps are up and running as of 1 sep
11 Aug 2015anonymousI talked with the clerk at the Station (RBs) and they have been told a few weeks before the new CNG pumps will be installed and ready to use. This was good news for me that they aren't gone for good but I it's hard not having a Bountiful station up and running.
26 Jul 2015anonymousThis station no longer has CNG pumps, they have all been removed, both on the north and south side of the station.
22 Jul 2015anonymousAll pumps are gone from this station, anyone know what they are doing?
20 Jul 2015anonymousOn 7/17 all pumps (N and S) were removed with only big holes in the ground remain...
29 Jun 2015johnThe south dispenser is unavailable during station upgrades, use the north dispensers during construction. Work to be completed late July.
27 May 2015anonymousWent through this afternoon at about 2:00 PM and all pumps were inoperable with a 0 psi reading. I went to the truck stop section to check both sets of pump and all 6 were out.
3 Jul 2014seedy1675Great station. Good fills. I get 3600 psi here regularly. ANGI pumps.
24 Feb 2012anonymousFills up fine lately, avoiding busy hours of course.
19 Jun 2011anonymousAll four pumps not operational at 5 pm this evening. Tried two different cars on three pumps (one pump had a yellow "out of service")
26 Aug 2010anonymousReally good equipment. 3600psi & 3000psi. Pumps for cars not covered. Pump for trucks (in semi area) is partially covered. Great place to fill in morning, but traffic in evening is bad, trying to get back onto I-15.
16 Jun 2010anonymousOperational, quick fill.
13 Apr 2010anonymousBoth pumps are out of order.
12 Jan 2010anonymousThe best fill I've had....over 3000psi.
17 Dec 2009anonymousGreat station. Two 3600 psi pumps and two 3000 psi pumps. Also pay at the pump.
17 Dec 2009anonymousWill only take Visa, no cash or other credit cards.
10 Dec 2009anonymous24/7 Roadside CNG delivery in Utah in case you run out is $35 in SL Valley, a little more farther out. If you have a dedicated NGV, write down the number. Teryl @ 801-573-1295
7 Dec 2009anonymousthey got the new station working, it is 3600 psi. the 3000 psi people wont be able to fill up.
16 Nov 2008anonymousBeen working great. 2500 psi average
18 Aug 2008anonymousCalled today. Estimated fix: "end of August"
6 Aug 2008anonymousCalled today and its still down Questar is working on the compressor NO ETR
30 Jul 2008anonymousVisited station yesterday. Compressor has quit completely. No idea about when it will be back up.
28 Jul 2008anonymousconstantly shutting down because of heat inside compressor building. Still looking for a fix. (winter maybe?)
15 Jul 2008anonymousJust called and they are working just fine at .85 per gallon.. Thanks
30 Jun 2008anonymousCalled them today and they said it is working now.
28 Jun 2008anonymoussopposed to be middle of July before it is working
24 Jun 2008anonymousheard the compressor has a cracked head...could be awhile before its repaired
23 Jun 2008anonymousStill down. Has been for several days.
22 Jun 2008anonymouswhats going on? We need CNG! (station still down)
4 Apr 2008anonymous3000 psi max
8 Feb 2008anonymousOpen House (2/7) was great. I got a great fill up even after about 10-15 vehicles before me (including a school bus) right after the open house.
28 Jan 2008anonymousR&B 66 corporate say this will be operational Feb 7th
3 Jan 2008anonymousQuestar says it will be operational by Jan. 10, 2008.
11 Dec 2007anonymousScheduled to be operational in Jan. 2008.

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