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Station details for the City of Barstow Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) station in Barstow, California

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Station details:

$2.20 per ggeupdated 14 months ago by anonymous

City of Barstow

100 N. Sandstone Ct Barstow, CA 92311


  • 3600
  • 3000
  • Box
  • Semi
  •   24  
  •  CC 
  • Reliable:

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20 Nov 2007anonymousPayment: MasterCard VISA
20 Nov 2007anonymousPSI fills: 3600
20 Nov 2007anonymousHours: 24 hours daily
20 Nov 2019OnTheWayHomeOnly one CNG pump with two hoses still in use, the other pump is missing the hoses. When I was filling the computer crashed during/after fill and I was not able to get a receipt. Did get a 3,600 fill.
30 Jun 2019anonymousUsed 3600 psi Hose on 05-07-2019 on the way home to Vacaville from Salt Lake City in our 2004 Honda Civic GX. Received a 3733 psi fill using a Business Debit Card. No receipt. Out of Paper. - Ed H.
30 Jun 2019anonymousUsed 3600 psi Hose on 04-30-2019 on the way to Salt Lake City in our 2004 Honda Civic GX with a good 3761 psi fill using a Visa card. No PIN required. No receipt. - Ed H.
5 Mar 2018anonymousout of service hasd to go toi victorville $2.65
15 Feb 2017anonymousGoing to be driving through... last time this station was at $3 a gallon. Can anyone confirm the price here?
22 Mar 2015anonymousStation doesn't have a way to tell you how much pressure it has. Went 85 miles and it only took 2.3 GGE, should have taken about 5 GGE. While it worked, it was not a good fill.
5 Nov 2014anonymousGreat stop on your way to vegas. I went from Riverside CA and stopped in bestow then to vegas. I own a 2012 cng civic
13 Apr 2014anonymousGood fill on 4/7/14. This station is absolutely critical if you are going to/from Vegas from the SF Bay Area. Luckily it is very reliable and open 24/7 and even has a bathroom. They also have an LNG pump there - no use for CNG vehicles.
3 Jun 2013anonymousfilled to 84% at 1am on 6/2/2013
15 Dec 2012anonymousArrived at 6:30 am. 3600 psi pump hose on the ground. Called service number and he said he would get right on it. Able to use 3000 psi pump but not full tank.
11 Oct 2012anonymousICity of Barstow Assistant City Manager confirmed on 10/08/2012 that all pumps were operational and that most city vehicle depend on CNG for fuel.
1 Oct 2012anonymousCan anyone confirm if this station is active and working? Going to Vegas and I don't think I can make it from Victorville
12 Aug 2012anonymousUse this place when i was going to vegas... 3600 CNG is working
27 Jul 2012anonymous3000 and 3600PSI Confirmed Use 100 N. Sandstone Ct., Barstow, CA 92311 for your GPS. Look or two story tank for your landmark
11 Jul 2012anonymousI just called the City of Barstow and they have both 3600 and 3000 psi pumps. This website says that it only has 3600, so I called to confirm.
17 Jun 2012anonymousOnly 0.6 GGE for us to on 6-4. Luckily Victorville was up and a great fill
17 May 2012anonymousBad fill, had to drive back down to victorville before heading out to vegas. Only put in .6 gallons.
12 Mar 2012anonymousVideo training is currently broken! If you don't already have a two digit PIN for your credit card then you won't be able to fuel in Barstow until it is fixed.
14 Jan 2012anonymous3600 PSI fills more like 3000. My Honda GX only filled to the 3000 Full line using the 3600 pump, but at least it did give me enough to get to Vegas (with less than a quarter of a tank left).
1 Jan 2012anonymousno pressure 12/26 11am; if you are planning a vegas trip use the victorville d st station instead of this one if you can. Awful station. Pressure is almost always bad and pumps give poor fill when they do work. City of Barstow needs to fix this...
10 Dec 2011anonymouswas headed to vegas late monday night (11:30pm) got to the station and the pumps wouldnt work so i called the number on the pump and they sent a guy out withing 1.5 hrs to get me back on the road!!
2 Sep 2011anonymousUsed 3600 psi hose on 08-10-2011 on the way back home to Vacaville from Denver and got a good fill. Used business debit card. No receipt. Next stop at the City of Tulare in California. - Ed H.
31 Aug 2011anonymousUsed 3600 psi hose on 07-29-2011 (just after midnight) on the way to Denver in our 2004 Honda Civic GX and got a good fill. Used business debit card. Had the Fleet Star card just in case. No receipt. - Ed H.
15 Aug 2011anonymousHorrible experience! Arrived almost on E from vegas and got .001 gal. Had to chance it to Victorville.
31 Jul 2011anonymousLow pressure. Only got 1.9 gallons after drive from Vegas. Nice bathroom. Address across street is 2630 W. Main (for GPS).
17 Jul 2011anonymousused this pump today and it worked good got a pretty good fill .. bathroom smelled really bad!
11 Jun 2011anonymousHas one 3600 and a 3000 pump. Nice and bathrooms are clean. pumps worked great.
5 Apr 2011anonymous2620 West Main Street, Barstow, CA 92311-3600. Took my Visa. Also has a nice bathroom!
28 Mar 2011anonymousTwo days later, I have the opposite result to report: The station did accept Visa this time, and yet it gave a lousy fill, following a garbage truck. Ah, the adventure of owning an NGV continues!
28 Mar 2011anonymousIf you are plugging this address into Mapquest, going north on I-15, there is an error. When you get to Main Street, the station is to the left, not to the right. Going south, take Exit 181, and, again go left at Main.
27 Mar 2011anonymousDespite what the sign says, the card reader would not accept anything but a Fleetstar card. Trip would have been screwed without it. That said, easily the best filling pump in southern Cal. My 2000 Civic got 90 highway miles above the full line.
4 Mar 2011anonymousIf you have any problems call Greg Dahl @ 530-679-1119. Filled up going to Vegas on 2/19/11, but coming back on 2/22/11 it would only put 1.50 in and quit. Just went to Victorville and filled up for cheaper. Key Code for this station 57
21 Feb 2011anonymousMasterCard wouldn't work there! - Visa did. After entering two digit code, machine said invalid code. Wait a while after invalid code notice and it processes anyway. (Don't hit Enter after code or it takes U back to video). Got 3000 psi fill 2/20/11.
18 Dec 2010anonymousThis is a very important stop if you do not have extended range tanks. This station if not working could ruin your trip to Vegas. Spotless Bathroom! Did not accept my two digit #, had to watch the video again. 3600 keypad need some attention.
11 Dec 2010anonymous2010-12-10 3000 psi pump won't take visa
9 Dec 2010anonymousThe City of Barstow CNG & LNG fueling station is located at 100 N Sandstone Court Barstow, CA 92311
14 Sep 2010anonymous$2.49 per gallon. Great fill. Every bar on the gauge was lit. Never saw that before. Filled up on the way to Vegas on Friday and then on the way home on Sunday. Perfect.
20 Jul 2010anonymous"Out of Fuel" sign covered the dispenser at 8:30pm 7/20
17 Jul 2010anonymous7/17/10 - Station working fine. Filled up today.
14 Jul 2010anonymousspoke to city of barstow 14 July 10 operator said cng pump was functional as of last weekend 11 july, lvcng
10 Jul 2010anonymousNot operational. Barstow station not dependable, ruined my weekend, had to get a flat bed for my honda civic. Best to always call the city to verify CNG pumps are working.
22 Jun 2010anonymousFueled at 9:30 A.M. on 06-18-2010. Got a very good fill. No card reading problems.
11 Jun 2010anonymousGood fill 6/5/10.
27 May 2010anonymousI called Barstow City today in prep for a trip and they indicate it is working fine...
22 May 2010anonymousAs of 21 May 2010 at 8:00pm both 3600 and 3000 psi pumps are NOT FUNCTIONING! Barstow Police have been notified, since city maintains pump not Clean Energy, and it was after hours (Barstow City Maintenance not available). Problem is lack of pressure!
21 Apr 2010anonymous2010-04-16 working both 3000 & 3600 card reader is still working too open door 24 hours
3 Apr 2010anonymousTried to get CNG this morning (0830hrs) with NO success. Apparently, the telephone line is dead reference the card reader. Phone connectiong cannot be made even for verification of credit card; that is, the verifying screen never appears!
25 Mar 2010anonymous2621 W. Main AND they have a nice bathroom, wow, code is 12345
11 Jan 2010anonymousjust called Barstow city and they are up and running again and 0pen 24 hr day and take visa and mc
8 Jan 2010anonymousLate posting, filled here 3600 on Dec 5.
4 Jan 2010anonymousCalled City Of Barstow. They state they just rebooted pump and that it should be working.
26 Dec 2009anonymousCard reader is not working at all for Visa/MC. Called Clean Energy to get it fixed and came back 4 days later, STILL NOT working.
16 Aug 2009anonymousFinally fixed 3000PSI!
4 Aug 2009anonymous3000 STILL doesn't work, had to drive all the way back to Victorville! Thanks! It's only been down a month!
7 Jul 2009anonymous3000 PSI pump has been down for a week.
6 Jun 2009anonymousOn May 30, 2009, the 3600 psi pump worked beautifully - 100% fill. What a great place to fill-up on the way to Vegas, from L.A. or Bakersfield! The City of Barstow, NOT Clean Energy, does a fanstatic job in maintaining the CNG Pumps.
6 Jun 2009anonymousOn May 30, 2009, the 3600 psi pump worked beautifully - 100% fill. What a great place to fill-up on the way to Vegas, from L.A. or Bakersfield! The City of Barstow, NOT Clean Energy, does a fanstatic job in maintaining the CNG Pumps.
10 May 2009anonymous3600 psi hose missing 5-10-09, 3,000 ok
28 Apr 2009anonymousWorking. Filled to 3600. Video screen faded, but text shows up well enough. Used Visa.
22 Apr 2009anonymousOn the way back from Las Vegas at 1515 on 04-19-2009 the display on the 3600 hose side was washed out. I had to guess when to input the TIN and ask for receipt after refueling. It worked out alright though. No problems with timing out. - Ed H.
22 Apr 2009anonymousStopped by on 04-12-2009 on the way to Las Vegas late at night and used the 3600 hose. No problems with timing out or the display. The printer is out of ink though.
15 Apr 2009anonymousFilled up here at sundown and had a hard time using the 3600 pump as it faces west and made me take a "training" class via it's video screen that is impossible to see. The 3000# pump screen works and you can get your training number from that side
1 Mar 2009anonymous2009-02-26 Filled at Victorville (33 mi west) on way to Vegas since this was marked non-op, but stopped to check & topped off fine. Had to run the credit card multiple times due to dialing time-outs (same problem is worse in Victorville).
1 Mar 2009anonymous2009-03-01 Filled up fine after running credit card twice. Only 1 dialing time-out.
23 Feb 2009anonymousWhen is this station going to be in operation again?
16 Feb 2009anonymousProblem with Card Reader. Denied multiple times due to "time out" in dialing. It's a shame - great place to fill up prior to Las Vegas. Made it to Vegas(Washington & A St.) anyway from Bakersfield - got close to 49 miles/gal in my Honda civic GX!
14 Sep 2008anonymousDrove through yesterday. Good 3600 psi fill. Plenty of fuel left whn I got to Vegas.
14 Jul 2008anonymousStation has 3000psi and 3600psi, working fine.

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