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Station details for the Alpine School District Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) station in Lindon, Utah

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Station details:

$2.36 per ggeupdated 10 months ago by anonymous

Alpine School District

490 E State St Lindon, UT 84042

  • 3600
  • 3000
  • Box
  • Semi
  •   24  
  •  CC 
  • Reliable:

This station was marked non-operational by anonymous on 2018-11-08. (Closed - permanently Aug 2018)
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Price history

Prices for this station have historically varied from $0.76 to $2.40 per gge. We have data extending back to July 2008 for this station. Historical data can be obtained by contacting us.

User comments

CNG has collected 44 user comments about this station. They often have useful information about how to find a station or how reliabile it is, or whether it is well lit at night. Peruse the comments here, or add your own comment.

28 Aug 2018anonymousThis Station is now closed.
1 Aug 2012CNG UtahThe address listed is correct, but the station marker is in the wrong place. Look for the Alpine School District sign at 500 N State St. and turn in there. You pass a field on the right and you'll see the pumps just after that.
3 Dec 2011anonymousWhoa again! Looks like they are trying to match CA prices in a fast way. This station has had a near 100% increase in less than 2 months. Less than exciting.
3 Nov 2011anonymousWhoa! Looks like all of the government-owned stations (including this one) raised their prices 30 cents per gallon. Now it's less expensive to patronize the private stations.
12 Aug 2011anonymousSeems to be working fine now.
1 Aug 2011anonymousWith the3600 psi pump you must flip the lever fast or it will not reset and pump. I have had several people tell me it doesn't work but as long as I flip the lever fast it always works for me
29 Jul 2011anonymousSeems as if the blue 3000 PSI might be fixed but tried to swipe visa last night and card reader giving a " buffer full " error so could not fuel at all.
25 Jul 2011anonymous3000 PSI blue nozzle has been without pressure for a couple days. I notified the site personnel today 7/25/2011.
19 Jul 2011anonymous3000 PSI pump did not work, 3600 PSI pump gave 1300 PSI
9 Jul 2011anonymousCompresser not running when I arrived so supply tanks up to pressure. But 3600# dispenser stopped at 3200# 7/8/2011
22 Jun 2011anonymousPump is operational again as of this morning 6/22
20 Jun 2011anonymousBoth nozzles are bagged; inoperational.
18 Jun 2011anonymousThis station was down when I dropped by last night June 17th 2011. Both nozzles were bagged so I am assuming this might be a major repair.
3 Jun 2011anonymousAddress is incorrect. Couldn't find the station
29 Apr 2011anonymousThis station was completely down last night. BTW - they call this staged fueling which is why it starts and stops and when it is working correctly it gives a good fill, but the design of this compressor does not quite manage a full 3600 PSI.
26 Apr 2011anonymousMost stations change tanks as they fill your vehicle, as I understand. There is a great loss in energy filling a near-empty vehicle with 3600 psi gas. Less energy is lost by using tanks where the pressure falls less, so the stops and starts are good!
15 Apr 2011anonymousFills are horrible. 3600 gives me 2800 after cng stabilizes in my tank. Also was billed $15.22 on my bank statement but I only put in $9.50.
12 Apr 2011anonymousI thought it was great for the price. But when I filled my truck up it only had 2500psi for the 3600 psi pump. Then the next day my wife took our car into the 3000psi pump and got $.36 and it stopped. Two days later nothing worked.
30 Mar 2011anonymousNow takes Visa!
28 Mar 2011anonymousWorks great, except that it klunks to a stop and then restarts the flow a few times per fill. It's a little disarming.
16 May 2010anonymousI fill up here regularly (1-2x/week). Great pressure. Has both 3000 and 3600 PSI pumps.
20 Oct 2009anonymousI stopped by tonight and noted that some upgrading has been done here including an entirely new dispenser with hoses. I got a great fill!
9 Jul 2009anonymousI used the station on evening of 7/08/09 and seemed like good pressure.
7 Jul 2009anonymousTemperature sensor was the culprit. It is replaced and station back up now.
4 Jul 2009anonymousPumps were again offline with the word help flashing on the display of both sides. Evening of Friday July 3rd
21 May 2009anonymousThe pumps were reading " HELP " where the percentage of fill normally reads when I stopped late at night on Tuesday 5/19
19 May 2009anonymousApparently the pricing has been revised and is probably around the $1.00 per GGE showing here now. I have also used this location a few times in the last couple of weeks and the only trouble I had was when it took about a full 90 seconds to auth.
30 Apr 2009anonymousI will refrain from updating the price since I cannot confirm the actual number, but it is likely way over a dollar per GGE. I think all of these State of Utah stations are around $1.25 to $1.27 plus processing fees charged on the billing.
25 Apr 2009anonymous2009-04-25 - Problem with reader, called number, resolved.
5 Mar 2009anonymousThe location of this station is 500 North State Street in Lindon. It is about 100 yards east of State Street among the other school district pumps. You can see the compressor and pumps when you turn onto 500 North from State street.
26 Jan 2009anonymous2 Problems with this station, if you don't follow the directions, it shuts down. Sometimes when the pressure gets low, the compressor does not turn on. I only get fuel about 50% or less of the time here.
2 Jan 2009anonymousI just updated the price as $.879 which is shown on my FuelCard statement. It's far from the freeway, but I love this station.
28 Oct 2008anonymousBoth nozzles working. Thanks! Low pressure yesterday (~1900 psi).
7 Oct 2008anonymousI filled up yesterday and got a full 3000 psi fill. No problems at all.
26 Aug 2008anonymousLow pressure!! Only 1500psi on the gauge on my car. Only got a couple gallons, compressor did not turn on.
22 Aug 2008anonymousI fueled one of my Crown Victorias at pump #5 last night and it mostly filled with the compressor running. I topped my other CV this morning with no problem. Only one working fill nozzle.
19 Aug 2008anonymousGetting "pump failure" even on #5 again. This is likely because someone attempted to lift the start lever before getting the "USE PUMP" prompt from the card reader. Please follow the instructions or stay away from these pumps.
19 Aug 2008anonymousI will answer the earlier comment if you promise to follow the instructions at the pump. Find the big sign on State Street around 475 North and enter the State lot next to the park. Don't worry about getting on public access.
18 Aug 2008anonymousI received a fill of over 5 GGE yesterday on pump 5. I had no trouble following the instructions. The pump seemed to stall briefly a couple times. I believe that is the way it works.
18 Aug 2008anonymousThis station must be well hidden because I have driven up and down N. Locust and cannot find it. Are they any landmarks I should be looking for? Is it on the E. or W. side? Thanks!
15 Aug 2008anonymousDoes anyone know if one of the pumps is working?
15 Aug 2008anonymousI checked yesterday and both pumps are still down. No word on when they will be up.
13 Aug 2008anonymous8-13-08 9:35am pump # 5 down
7 Jul 2008anonymousPayment: Requires a state issued GasCard, click here for info.

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