CNG station owners

First of all, thank you for owning and/or operating a CNG station. The CNG community appreciates your efforts to help expand the use and availability of CNG!

Especially in the USA, the CNG infrastructure is in its infancy. Up until a few years ago, it was difficult to find information about CNG stations, their pricing, reliability, and when they were working or not working. Nothing frustrates a CNG vehicle owner than pulling up to the only station in a 20 mile radius with almost no fuel left and finding the station is not operating.

CNGPrices has a rich data set about stations. Yes, we have the prices, but we also keep users informed about station status, and try to give current contact information in case someone has a question about a station. As a station owner, you can help both individuals and fleets who use this site to know that your station information is up to date.

Free station administration tools

CNGPrices provides free administration tools to station owners that allow them to keep their station information up to date, and curry good favor with their customers. Have a scheduled down time? Let your customers know that is is coming, and change the station status to show that your station will be back soon. Update stations with your current pricing quickly and easily. Change phone numbers, names, and other information about your station.

To get started with the administration tools, first create an account. Then send us an e-mail letting us know your username and which stations you operate. To verify your identity, it is best if you can send the e-mail from a company e-mail address or give us a verifiable phone number to contact you at. We'll set up the rest and let you know how to access your tools.

Get updates on your stations

Soon we will also provide the ability to sign up for alerts when your station information changes. If you want to make sure that your station information is always up to date, we'll send you an e-mail when someone else changes a price or your station working status. That way if you disagree, you can change it back as quickly as possible.