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Station details for the SoCalGas - Downey Base Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) station in Downey, California

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Station details:

$2.04 per ggeupdated 52 months ago by jsera

SoCalGas - Downey Base

9240 E Firestone Boulevard Downey, CA 90241


  • 3600
  • 3000
  • Box
  • Semi
  •   24  
  •  CC 
  • Reliable:

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Price history

Prices for this station have historically varied from $1.73 to $3.01 per gge. We have data extending back to November 2007 for this station. Historical data can be obtained by contacting us.

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20 Nov 2007anonymousPayment: AmericanExpress Discover MasterCard VISA Voyager WrightExpress
20 Nov 2007anonymousPSI fills: 3000 3600
20 Nov 2007anonymousHours: 24 hours daily
10 Dec 2016anonymousPumps are closed for repairs.
13 Jun 2016rkentishThe pump at this station is in poor shape, interesting as this is station is at SoCaGas Downey facility.
17 Dec 2015anonymousThe security lights are out So, If you plan to fill up at night bring a flashlight!!
27 Jun 2014mikekobel87% fill from 3600 psi pump at 7:48pm 6/26/14
6 Mar 2014mikekobel92% fill at 3600 psi on 3/5/14
20 Feb 2014anonymous02/20/14 pump is out of order
4 Feb 2014mikekobel96% at 3600 psi 9:30am
29 Jan 2014mikekobel92% fill at 3600 psi
14 Jan 2014mikekobelFilled up 3600 psi 86% fill.
12 Nov 2013lrl2k11-12-13 6:00 am pump not working.
3 Nov 2013lrl2k10-30-13 1:300 pm the pump was working again as normal.
30 Oct 2013lrl2k4:30am on 10-30-13. pump did not turn on.
30 Oct 2013anonymous4:30 am on 10-30-13 did not pump.
22 Oct 2013anonymousGot a 100% fill on 3600 psi at 4:45 pm 10/21/13.
23 Sep 2013rkentishSaturday (9/20) @ 7 AM I got a 35% fill on the 3600 pump
12 Sep 2013tjkaAs of 5:30am 9/12/2013, the 3600psi pump only filled to 41%. The nozzle is a newer version with a different lock mechanism than what is shown in the instructional video.
12 Sep 2013mikekobelOnly got 58% fill. Compressor was never on during my visit.
30 Aug 2013anonymous3600 psi is down
29 Jul 2013rkentish100% fill, Sunday @ 7 AM
11 May 2013rkentishShort fill again (59%) you would think that being So CA Gas they could do it better
8 Aug 2012anonymous70% fill-up on 3600 pump the last couple weeks, then on 8/6/12 both pump were out-of-order.
13 Jun 2012anonymousIt was filling great with the new pump nozzle, but now the pressure's off. I'm only getting 2/3 of what I usually get mileage-wise.
5 Mar 2012anonymousThis the closest station to my house and it always has low fills from 52% to 75% if you are lucky with most fills in the 60's...Please fix the pressure on these pumps!
11 Jan 2012anonymousVery poor lighting at night and 3600 pump still does not read accurate % fill. You'd think the Gas Co. could afford to fix these problems.
4 Jan 2012anonymousstill getting low fill. 62% on honda civic gx 00
13 Dec 2011anonymousThey are planning to upgrade the tanks in the next months to make these get better fill and compton, pico, and another one. 70% fill today
19 Nov 2011anonymousonly 79% fill on 3600 psi side. Says will be down saturday 11-19-11
27 Oct 2011anonymous3000 worked fine. fills slowly, but got to over 95%.
18 Oct 2011anonymous3000 was out of order.
19 Sep 2011anonymouspump never fills to 100%
28 Jul 2011anonymous72% fill at 3600psi
25 Jul 2011anonymousNever get a full tank at this location.
11 Jul 2011anonymous95% fill on 3000psi. 3600psi dispenser is out of order.
23 Jun 2011anonymousThe % fill gauge on the 3600psi side of the pump looks inaccurate as it shows 57% filled, when my car's gauge is almost full. I will call the maintenance number to report it.
26 May 2011anonymous3600psi fills to 81% in my 2011 Civic GX
17 May 2011anonymous3600 psi filled to 90% in my Civic GX
19 Mar 2011anonymous3600psi fills 70% at the best.
6 Jan 2011anonymousWorking but only filled to 70% @ 3600psi pump
1 Dec 2010anonymousJust filled up. Price rocketed up to $2.126 from $1.99 - Ouch!Pumps working and parking lot's open.
27 Nov 2010anonymousClosed: I went by there yesterday and today and they have the parking lot blocked off so no entry
12 Oct 2010anonymousOnly filled to 62% tonight and normally only fills to 82% at most.
16 Feb 2010anonymous3600psi pump working like normal at 90% fill. 2.32 gal
7 Feb 2010anonymousStation very inconsistent. Seldom fills over 89% on 3600 psi. Only 2000 psi in tanks tonight. Compressor may be down.
25 Jan 2010anonymouspumps are working.Ptice $2.14.slight short fill maybe 90%
19 Jan 2010anonymousPumps are both broke as of 1/18/10...Price still $2.14
13 Dec 2009anonymoussorry forgot to update.pumps work good and seems to be giving a full fill.
28 Nov 2009anonymousfor the past 3 days the training video has not worked and you can not pump gas unless you have a code.. As of last week it still does short fills
29 Jul 2009anonymousCannot connect to credit card reader.
1 Jun 2009anonymousShort fill. Didn't accept MasterCard debit card for payment, worked with credit card.
22 Feb 2009anonymousStill gives short fills.About 2 gal short sounds about right.
31 Oct 2008anonymousDid not fill all the way. I figured I would need 4 gal for a full fill and it filled only 2gal and I was at 3/4 tank when it said 100%
13 Sep 2008anonymousNot complete fill on the 3600 psi
25 Nov 2007anonymousonly fills about 3000~3100 psi on 3600 psi unit

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