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Station details for the Imperial County CNG in El Centro Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) station in El Centro, California

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Station details:

$2.45 per ggeupdated 51 months ago by anonymous

Imperial County CNG in El Centro

155 W Commercial Avenue El Centro, CA 92243


  • 3600
  • 3000
  • Box
  • Semi
  •   24  
  •  CC 
  • Reliable:

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Price history

Prices for this station have historically varied from $2.30 to $2.95 per gge. We have data extending back to March 2008 for this station. Historical data can be obtained by contacting us.

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User comments

CNG has collected 31 user comments about this station. They often have useful information about how to find a station or how reliabile it is, or whether it is well lit at night. Peruse the comments here, or add your own comment.

20 Nov 2007anonymousPayment: AmericanExpress Discover MasterCard VISA Voyager WrightExpress
20 Nov 2007anonymousPSI fills: 3000 3600
20 Nov 2007anonymousHours: 24 hours daily
11 Oct 2016wparishAs of September 23rd 2016 this station was operational, I drove out two consecutive days fishing and got good fills both days. It's still only a single 3600psi hose.
11 Dec 2015rkentishJust talked to Mark with Imperial County and he informed me that their station is operational as of 12/11/15.
29 Sep 2015anonymousThis station is now CLOSED. IT does not exist any longer.
1 Apr 2015anonymous3-31-15 6.2 gallons on the way back to SD, got a nice full tank on a hot day. My amex card was refused, but it took the visa card on my next try.
31 Mar 2015doodledooMark Kimberlin 760-427-1300 is actually in charge of these pumps. They have been unreliable. He Said within a month of 3/31/15 they would be replacing the old pumps with new ones, he said it would increase the pumps reliability.
18 Mar 2015anonymousThis station is unreliable and even if you are desperate for fuel don't even hope for Mark to offer any assistance. Luckily I was able to make it to Tolleson, AZ and use the newer well-lit station there without unhooking my 53 foot trailer for access. No more stopping in El Centro for me when heading to Yuma from L.A. Thanks for nothing Mark!
11 Nov 2014CNGfamilyOnly 2100 PSI fill today :(
17 Oct 2014CNGfamilyActual address is closer to 250 E, not 150 W. And Google street view shows it :)
2 Oct 2014CNGfamilyCalled on 10/2/14: Need to update contact info, Station now managed by Mark Timberlin 760-427-1300.
23 Nov 2013anonymous11/23/13 station is working
23 Nov 2013anonymous11/23/13 station is working
17 Jun 2013anonymous32.79493,-115.54031
28 May 2013anonymousI'd like to clarify my previous comment. I said the 3600 works, and then I said the 3600 was removed. I meant to say the 3600 works, and the 3000 was removed.
13 May 2013anonymousSo on 5/1213 the price was still $2.95, and the pump works fine. Both times to and from Phoenix I got between F1 and F2 on my GX (second trip I only got F1). I can confirm this station only has 3600psi now. The 3600 was removed. It's not broken, it has been physically removed. The only other thing, I couldn't figure out how to get it to give me a receipt. Probably not a big deal but thought I'd mention it.
10 May 2013anonymousCalled the number and spoke with Mark. They had phone line issues, which they have had repaired. The pump is reported as working fine now.
6 May 2013wparishStopped sunday, could not authorize payment. Pump condition looked good. 3600psi only on pump 2 (pump 1 removed). Tried 4 cards, each time 'dialing' and 'connecting' alternated but never connected.
6 May 2013anonymousAs an addendum to my last comment, I called 760-482-4606 to report my trouble on Sunday, the lady told me they no longer manage that site. She referred me to 760-427-1300. That number rang to voicemail without identifying the name of whomever it is that is in charge. I left a message, but am unsure if it will be acted upon. I may drive past there again in a week or two and if I do, I will check whether it's working or not.
28 Dec 2012anonymousActual address is 255 East Commercial Ave. 92243
18 Mar 2012anonymousThey are talking about closing this station by the end of June. please contact them and tell them to reconsider.
22 Oct 2011anonymousno 3600. only 3000 hose and the fill quality is pretty bad.
15 Sep 2011anonymousOnly 3000 psi Pump and only got 2000 psi
16 May 2010anonymousThey do run out of gas or have low pressure with some frequency. I commute to El Centro regularly. Twice, I have had to go to Calexico for gas. Twice, my fill barely got me to San Diego. Otherwise, this is my go-to pump.
4 Jan 2010anonymousJust filled up there last week, got a great fill. it's still there and very reliable.
8 Dec 2009anonymousIt's 1/2 block east of the intersection of fairfield and commercial, you can't miss it. it's at approximately 266 e commercial st on google street view.
5 Dec 2009anonymousStation doesn't exist. Delete it from map & database.
7 Jul 2009anonymouscould not find the station.
3 May 2009anonymous2 pumps. 3600 psi down, but 3000 psi operational.
18 Apr 2009anonymousWhat a rip 2.95 a gge gas is cheaper there!

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