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Station details for the Riverside Transit Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) station in Hemet, California

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Station details:

$7.77 per ggeupdated 32 months ago by anonymous

Riverside Transit

700 Scaramella Circle Hemet, CA 92543


  • 3600
  • 3000
  • Box
  • Semi
  •   24  
  •  CC 
  • Reliable:

This station was marked non-operational by anonymous on 2021-04-20. (there are signs stating; "Not in Service Until Further Notice". Not real encouraging since they were only on line for about 6 weeks after being down for 2 months.)
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Prices for this station have historically varied from $0.79 to $7.77 per gge. We have data extending back to November 2007 for this station. Historical data can be obtained by contacting us.

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20 Nov 2007anonymousPayment: American Express VISA MasterCard Voyager WE
20 Nov 2007anonymousHours: 24 hours
30 Oct 2019corkyjStation has been updated and has 2 pumps at 3600 psi. It has been working for about 2 weeks. Fills a lot better than before. price is $1.40
5 Oct 2019gravyboatStation finally back open after down 3 months plus. New dispenser / pump.
9 Jul 2019anonymousstation has been closed for at least 2 weeks. No estimate on repair date. Pump is down.
3 Jun 2019anonymouspumps were out memorial weekend 2019, this wkend and called today 06/03/2019 still non working, so frustrating,upsetting,I have 3 boys so theres lot to do, its such a disappointment.
1 Feb 2018anonymousThis station is now back in operation.
26 Jan 2018anonymousThis system is non-operational awaiting repair parts.
19 Jan 2018anonymousTemporarily Out of Service for Repair
21 Jul 2017anonymousThe system is operational again.
5 Jul 2017anonymous7/5/2017 both 3000 & 3600 are down. Called 951-565-5034 they said parts coming in about a week.
18 Jan 2016surething88When you turn into Scaramella Circle, you want to enter the driveway on your right. The pump is located inside the parking lot.
4 Jan 2016mdb4282Visited the station for the first time on New Years Day, 1/1/2016 and was disappointed to find that the network was down and would not accept either my AMEX or Mastercard. I really wanted $1.10 gallon per gas. Oh well...
5 Nov 2015anonymousAs of Tuesday 11/3/15, Station is now operational.
21 Oct 2015anonymousTemporarily Out of Service. Should be up and running by next week.
25 May 2015anonymousAnybody have a good update on this station? Price, issues, etc?
5 May 2015anonymousCheck the meter resets before you pump! Used pump 2 and it said I pumped over 14 GGE. My car only has a 10 GGE tank!
5 May 2015anonymousCheck the meter resets before you pump! Used pump 2 and it said I pumped over 14 GGE. My car only has a 10 GGE tank!
29 Apr 2015anonymousUsually only 1 of the 2 pumps work, but hey, its under a buck!
24 Apr 2015rkentishWhile the equipment is old, who cares as this is the lowest price I have ever paid for CNG
2 Apr 2015anonymousConcrete work is completed, dispensers are now accessible.
16 Mar 2015whisperingshadowNo pressure, couldnt get it to work even with tech on the phone.
24 Jan 2014anonymousThe 3,000 psi fueling hose is repaired.
3 Jan 2014anonymousPrinter was off & needed paper. Repairs complete, printer operational.
1 Jan 2014anonymousgot a good fill last weekend. $1.02. Printer never gives a receipt
20 Oct 2013anonymousStation is $1.146 per gallon. Used pump 1 and it didn't reset last users totals just added mine to it. I don't think it will charge me extra, display wasn't working properly. No receipt given either
23 Sep 2013anonymous Everytime i come here 2-3 times week the station is operational 24/7 ... great fill great price
22 Aug 2013anonymousNo, Just a good price.
17 Aug 2013anonymousAwesome. Have family out here and would fill up in Riverside because it was cheaper. Wonder why they dropped prices? Bad filters? Bad pressure???
2 Aug 2013anonymousYes, $1.26 for July was correct. August's price is $1.36.
11 Jul 2013anonymousis this price correct? $1.26? I haven't filled here in a while but if this is true I will now!
1 Jul 2013anonymousFilled up on 6/28/13. Great to be able to read the screen now. Easiest fill in memory for someone who travels through Hemet every year or so.
5 Feb 2013anonymousCredit Card Reader Repaired. Readed Phone Line Repaired.
27 Jan 2013h316100% fill at 3600 psi pump.
25 Dec 2012anonymous2012-12-24 credit card reader not working
11 Dec 2012h316Filled up at 3600 pump Sunday 12/09. Both 3600 and 3000 pumps were working.
23 Nov 2012anonymousA new "Fuel Force" display and card reader was installed, and recipt printer has paper again.
12 Aug 2012anonymousCould not make either pump function. Credit card verified but could not activate the pump.
15 Jul 2012anonymousConnect hose before running credit card on this ancient pump. Enter pump number. No percentage of fill given.
29 Aug 2011anonymousFilled up Aug. 26 after figuring out that the sun bleached display was asking for the pump number after pushing & pulling my credit card out. Make sure you use the correct pump number. #1 was the 3600psi. Only got 3700psi though, at 4:30pm on Friday.
2 Jul 2011anonymousFilled up this morning with no problem! Easy access equipment works good. Life Saver because the Temecula pumps were down this morning. I believe I may have entered the wrong price on update -- $2.15 is correct
29 Jul 2009anonymousNo receipt given after asking machine for one
18 Jul 2009anonymousStation is down tonight at 6PM, the phone # on the pump is different than the one one here. No luck with RTA on phone # at pump, left message on this number. Buses are now filling inside the facility, so no morning wait.
17 Dec 2007anonymous3000 & 3600 PSI
17 Dec 2007anonymousAvoid filling on weekday mornings, it is very busy with busses filling.

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