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Station details for the Uni-Mart Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) station in State College, Pennsylvania

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$2.13 per ggeupdated 47 months ago by anonymous


3180 W College Avenue State College, PA 16801


  • 3600
  • 3000
  • Box
  • Semi
  •   24  
  •  CC 
  • Reliable:

This station was marked non-operational by anonymous on 2017-04-03.
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Prices for this station have historically varied from $0.10 to $2.69 per gge. We have data extending back to January 2008 for this station. Historical data can be obtained by contacting us.

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20 Nov 2007anonymousHours: 24 hours daily
20 Nov 2007anonymousPayment: Cash AmericanExpress Discover MasterCard VISA
25 May 2015anonymousThey have one pump working correctly... for now! 3000psi fill, charges correct for fuel dispensed. Will advise if/when new pump is ever installed. Funny thing is that this gas station goes off of the bus line next door. All city busses are dedicated CNG so the station works well but this Exon just won't spring for install on a decent pump!!!
20 Apr 2015anonymousI filled up April 19. There was a bag on the pump handle, so I went inside. Attendant said that the pump was working but wasn't tabulating how much gas it was dispensing. I was persistent and gave him 20, and he let me fill up. It worked fine 3100 psi -- $18 worth and it tabulated correctly. Go figure.
17 Apr 2015anonymousJust checked with the Exon store and they have a whole new pump system there and waiting for it to be hooked up. Maybe this will give it 3600psi! the Exon number listed is not correct. It's 814 234 3079. I'm guessing will be back on in May.
3 Apr 2015anonymousAs of March 30 this station is down for the foreseable future. It was an old pump 3000psi. One of the two pumps hadn't been working for nearly a year. The other pump works but now does not read/charge anything so they keep is shut off from within the gas station. I would bet they will have to replace the whole thing. I will update as soon as I know as I need it badly for my courier route!
11 Nov 2014TheDrive3000psi pump is working. I received about 3200psi. If you have 3600psi system this pump will work for you, you will just get less NG.
13 Oct 2014anonymousFarily reliable station although one pump of the two has been down for several weeks. Also this is an older station and in addition to the 3000psi fill, it has stopped working when temperature fell into the single digits (fahrenheit).
4 Apr 2014anonymous4-4-14 I was just there and the dispenser is operational and I asked them and no they are not tearing the dispenser out.
3 Apr 2014anonymousI filled up yesterday (April 2, 2014) and got a full 3600 pounds pressure. The price was $2.13 per gallon equivalent. This station is actually quite reliable.
25 May 2013anonymousPump is small and is next to a Audi dealership. Uses same system as the CNG used with public transit, so pressure is low sometimes. 24hr dunkin donuts at station is nice. Staff not very knowledgeable, but friendly. Pump slows when finishing.
4 May 2013anonymousI filled up last night on April 3 (2013) without problem. I got 3100 pounds of pressure. It was easy to use, but there were three things about it that were different from the other stations that I have used: 1. You don't pay at the pump. After you pull up to the pump, go into the station and tell the clerk that you are going to use the pump. 2. The knob on the nozzle points differently. I am used to knobs in which the arrow on the knob points to the pump when you are attaching the nozzle and points to your vehicle when it is ready to flow into the vehicle. The knob on this pump points in a direction which is sort of toward your vehicle while you attach it. Then after you have turned it 180 degrees clockwise to the flow position, as specified in the directions on the pump, it sort of points away from your vehicle. 3. Most pumps that I have used go off automatically when they have reached the maximum pressure. This one kept going up at a rate of input of about 1/10 penny
8 Dec 2012cng4meOnly filled to 3000 psi. My van is dedicated so it couldn't make it to it's destination. Beware if you need a full fill!
8 Dec 2012cng4meOnly filled to 3000 psi. My van is dedicated so it couldn't make it to it's destination. Beware if you need a full fill! By the way, nobody answers the phone number listed.
3 Sep 2012anonymousUsed this in February & Only Pumped at 3000 PSI. Which decrease ur range by at least 17%. Still Pumping at 3,000?
21 Jun 2012anonymousWorks just fine. Follow the directions on the dispenser, but you have to turn it on manually on the side.
25 Dec 2011anonymousVisting State College for Christmas from Pittsburgh. The manual shut off valve was in the off postion so I had to manually turn it on so the pump would work. The clerk in station did not know how why the pump didn't work. So it is working. JL
22 Apr 2011anonymousOperational again! Thank God for that! This is the only operational station for over 120 miles! Fill up when you can!
26 Jul 2010anonymousCATA is not unwilling to help;but is not:zoned for retail sales,equiped to accept road use and sales tax or configured for public traffic; CATA continues to encourage owners of the adacent fueling station to repair its equipment.
9 Dec 2009anonymousNew owners may fix the pump, neighboring CATA no longer willing to help.
5 Oct 2009anonymousI called and an employee advised me that the cng pump was broken and she doubts it will ever be fixed.
19 Jun 2009anonymousCATA's phone number just down the street is 814-238-2282 (they can sell you CNG so it seems)

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