Why CNG?

CNG is a great source for clean burning, domestically produced fuel. While no fossil fuel can meet the indefinite needs of the planet, most "green energy" technology such as wind, solar and geothermal are not sufficiently developed to meet our growing needs for energy. CNG is a great bridge between the declining oil reserves of the world and the undeveloped renewable energy sources of the future.

CNG is clean

The President of Honda Motor company, when they first released the Honda Civic GX, made a joke that on a smoggy day in Los Angeles, the air that comes out of the tail pipe of the Civic GX is cleaner than the air that comes in. CNG vehicles (also called natural gas vehicles) exceed all air quality emission standards for even the most stringent states, like California. Drivers of the Honda Civic GX have reported passing smog tests with undetectable amounts of CO and NOx, often making the person running the test wonder if they made a mistake!

CNG is cheap

No doubt about it, gasoline is getting expensive. Prices have been steadily ticking up for years, and large spikes in prices come with instability in the middle east, where we obtain most of our oil. CNG, on the other hand, is setting records in the USA for domestic production, and prices have risen much slower than gasoline. In general, CNG remains about half the cost of gasoline.

EPA tests show clean CNG

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency calculated the potential benefits of CNG versus gasoline based on the inherently cleaner-burning characteristics of natural gas. The use of CNG in passenger vehicles

  • Reduces carbon monoxide emissions 90%-97%
  • Reduces carbon dioxide emissions 25%
  • Reduces nitrogen oxide emissions 35%-60%
  • Potentially reduces non-methane hydrocarbon emissions 50%-75%
  • Emits fewer toxic and carcinogenic pollutants
  • Emits little or no particulate matter
  • Eliminates evaporative emissions

Similar results apply to heavy duty trucks. When compared with diesel, CNG trucks reduce particulate emissions by over 90%.

Text and information from afdc.energy.gov

Switch to CNG today!

The reasons are compelling. Are you thinking about switching to CNG? This site has many resources to help you. Check out our frequently asked questions to find out where you can buy a CNG vehicle. Check out our station map to see if there are CNG stations near you. Want to convert your existing vehicle? See our CNG conversions page.